chandrapracticeThe practice of Chandra Yoga is based on the spiritual practices, which Daniel practiced with his Guru during their time together in the Himalayas. It consists of traditional asanas, pranayamas, mudras, bandhas, kriyas and meditations. In addition, specific mantras are used and “planted” in different parts of the body.

The difference between Surya and Chandra lies not primarily in technique, but more in the approach, attitude and application of the technique. One could say that the techniques are all Hatha Yoga and the method of execution, intention and effort makes it either Surya or Chandra. This being said, certain techniques (like Surya Namaskar or Sushumna Pranayama) are exclusively Surya or Chandra.

Chandra Yoga focuses on the neglected spiritual and meditative aspects of yogic science, while Surya Yoga use the practice of modern postural yoga to open up the aspirant to the subtler and spiritually charged practice of Chandra (traditional, meditative and tantric) Yoga. Students of Anusara, Asthanga, Bikram, Iyengar and Sivananda will feel more at home with Surya and students familiar with Kriya, Kundalini, Laya, Raja, Yin Yoga and other more meditative practices like Vipassana and Zen are generally more ready for Chandra Yoga. Also, spiritually inclined seekers, even with no experience of yoga at all, will feel right at home with Chandra Yoga as it is gentle and very profound.

The main difference between Surya and Chandra, and the methodologies mentioned above, is its strong manipulations of the life-force (Prana) that causes profound and strong changes to the aspirants whole organism – not just the physical aspects. Surya/Chandra is a complete holistic system that incorporates all aspects of yoga.

In Ashtanga the student is only concerned with physical practices while the student of Vipassana is only concerned with mental training. In Surya Yoga the main focus is on the physical just as in Astanga but it also includes mediation and kundalini oriented practices and during the physically demanding parts of the practice focus still rest on the energy within the body – not on stretching ligaments, tendons and muscles. Similarly, in Chandra yoga we focus mainly on the psyche, but we also manipulate the body and flow of Prana through the use of certain asanas and mudras, which is lacking in many modern schools of meditation.

The main difference between the two methodologies is that in Surya Yoga the aim is to cleanse the energy channels (Nadis) so the Prana can flow freely, and to increase the current and awaken the whole organism of the aspirant. In Chandra yoga the awakened energy is harnessed and channelled to arouse the spiritual qualities of the aspirant.