Daily Yoga & Meditation
Monday to Friday, between 10:00 – 12:00, I share the teachings of my Guru at my retreat in Chiang Mai.  The sessions will cover all aspects of yoga at great depth, in both theory and practice; asana, vinyasa, bandha, mudra, pranayama, meditation, scripture, satsang, shaktipat and beyond. The groups are small – maximum 12 students this first year. If the demand is there, and dedicated aspirants come, we will increase the number of classes and provide deeper programs – like weekend workshops and week-long retreats. We aim to assist you fully on your journey in yoga and can guide you in all its aspects.

Anyone who can follow simple instructions in English are welcome. However, you need to become a member first. To become a member you simply book a 1,5 – 2 hour private Initiation Ceremony. After the ceremony you are a life time member and can join the weekly classes and also the deeper retreats and workshops.

Initiation Ceremony
During your initiation we will go behind the scenes of traditional yoga and share the spiritual foundation upon which the our sessions are being conducted. You will also learn the ropes around the place so that we can maintain the retreat spirit and practice together with the kindness, selflessness and respect that you, yoga, me, meditation and the Parampara (the lineage of the masters) deserve.

Now; we are fully aware that this approach might feel odd to some. Thats OK. If you just want to drop in somewhere to stretch, flex and socialise there are plenty of other places to choose from. This is for the rare few who are looking for something different; perhaps something more authentic and with a deeper structure than the purely postural yoga classes provide. We commit to all members and if we are to take 100 steps towards you, you have to take this initial step towards us.

To be able to share Yoga at a deeper level, and to stay true to the unbroken lineage of masters that goes back more than 5000 years, this is the way to go about is. We hope you can understand and accept this traditional method. The initiation is absolutely essential for everyone who want to participate. There are no exceptions.

If you take the Initiation you will understand. If not, then no words can explain it, as it is a spiritual thing.  This is something that you either feel or not. And you need to have a little faith to jump onboard. This is the way it has to be, and its been like this for the past 5000 years.

If you have questions, contact us. If you feel unsure that is normal. Perhaps this does not speak to your heart just now. Then wait and see. Hopefully the opportunity will be around for a while, but who knows. Here or elsewhere – we sincerely hope you find something that resonate with you. Finding your spiritual path is the greatest gift.

During the initiation ceremony you have to submit 3 offerings representing your body, mind and soul. These are:

– three cut flowers that can stand in a vase (Soul)
– three fruits (Mind)
– three 500THB notes in a envelope with your name on  (Body)

The offerings are presented at the beginning of the ceremony and used during it.

To book your Initiation kindly contact me directly on LINE (092-351-9433) or email on info(at) Please don’t call. The phone signal has been off for the last 10 years already. Send message – preferably on LINE. Maximum 3 participant per Initiation.

The price for a regular 2 hour class is 300THB or 2500THB for a 10-time card. If you choose to buy a 10 time card during your initiation the price is 2000THB. There are also monthly cards and 3-month cards available.

Discounts are not given initially. Perhaps you have to prepare your self more, do some work, or fins some stillness within before you are ready to join us. Or perhaps you have to sacrifice something else in order to afford it or to find the time. That is exactly the point. Life is made up by your choices and sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. If you are not willing take a chance you can never win.

Now; this is a rare opportunity to tap into one of the last living ancient yoga traditions from the caves of the Himalayas.  Initially there are no discounts. However, if you become a regular after your initiation, then money will not be an issue fo you.

Our retreat is located in Chiang Mai Land, Changklan Road –  5 minutes ride from the Night-bazaar and Pantip Palza.  Details will be given upon booking.

Bruch & Tea
After Yoga we eat a light vegetarian brunch and then I serve tea in our garden Tea House until my evening puja. To know more about the Tea House and how that works you are welcome to have a look at TeaTong.Com

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