SONY DSCFor the past 20 years Daniel’s life has been a like a living laboratory dedicated to the spiritual science of Yoga. In his practice and teachings, he manages to merge the physically oriented methodologies of modern yoga with profound spiritual insights that unfolded within him during more than five years of traditional training in India.  

As a young seeker he read everything about philosophy, psychology and spirituality he could get his hands on. He practiced shamanism, meditation and modern postural yoga on and off for almost a decade before he was initiated into Kriya Yoga by a hindu monk from Calcutta in 1999.  After his first initiation he began to meditate in a more structured and scientific way and this gave him a new inner-standing, perspective and outlook on life. Consequently, he left his life as a student in Sweden and went to India in order to further his understanding of Yoga and Meditation.

He met many of the famous Gurus of the late 90’s in India, but none of them could quench his deep spiritual thirst or appease his hunger for self realisation. He studied the history, philosphy and psychology of Yoga at the Bernaras Hindu University (2000) but it was not until he lived and learned from an accomplished yogi in the Himalayas (2001 & 2002) that he found a competent guide that could show him what he had been seeking for. He received initiation into tantric meditation and traditional Hatha Yoga from his Guru Viseshananda before he left his body at the age of 84 in May 2003.

Daniel then went to Puri in Orissa to become a Brahmachari (monk) but during the months of training it became clear to him and his mentor that it was better for his spiritual development to go back to his native Sweden and practice Karma Yoga by sharing the understanding of Yoga he had uncovered.

He returned to Sweden and opened Yoga Kendra (2002) where he inspired hundreds of students and guided several instructors for almost a decade. He got married and lived the life of a householder while at the same time continuing to visit India yearly for personal retreats. In 2005 he received initiation by a Siddha from Tamil Nadu in Kerala and in 2008 he was trained by a great yogi from the ancient Nath Sampradaya during one of his pilgrimages in the Himalayas. In 2010 he left the householder phase of his life in order to devote himself fully to his spiritual calling and in 2012 Daniel was given the name “Sadananda” (always joyful) while receiving higher initiation into tantra by a tantric Guru in Varanasi.

Since 2011 Daniel lives in retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You can visit him there and contact him on info(at)yoga