Surya 1 copySurya Yoga is a way of practising Hatha Yoga. It is not just a sequence, although Daniel uses specific sequences of Vinyasa and traditional asanas to help the aspirant to experience the solar energy within.

The way (or energy) of Surya is demanding, dynamic and strong.  It is very powerful, therapeutic and transformative and involves strong bodywork. However, its purpose is not to burn fat or make the body lean, flexible or strong, although this will occur through regular practice.

The purpose of Surya Yoga is simply to establish a foundation for higher practice by generating an inner heat that burns away emotional and energetic obstacles from the gross physical body. Through the practice of Surya Yoga the aspirant immerses himself in the current of solar energy and learn how to channel, enhance and balance the flow of life force (Prana) throughout the body. Therefore, the regular practice of Surya Yoga will result in an extraordinary state of physical health and an abundance of energy.

In Surya Yoga the seemingly opposite styles of “power-vinyasa-flow-yoga” and the more “alignment-oriented-traditions” have been united and therefore, aspirants of both Ashtanga, Anusara, Bikram, Iyengar and Vinyasa will feel familiar with this type of practice.

Surya Yoga is the modern application of an ancient methodology that was revealed to Daniel after years of practice along the guidelines of his Guru. It should be regarded as a modern adaptation and a preparation to the more sophisticated art of traditional Hatha Yoga and tantric meditation.

Generally, a Surya Yoga session begins with vigorous vinyasa that evolves into “modern postural yoga” focused on physical alignment and proper attitude. Each session culminates into pranayama, meditation and a deep state of relaxation.

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