SONY DSCSurya and Chandra Yoga are intended for the 90 minute sessions that a regular “modern postural yoga session” allows for.

Daniel developed these methodologies in order to convey the depth and vastness of traditional tantric Hatha Yoga within the limited scope of a modern yoga class. After taking a Surya or Chandra workshop you can use the powerful methodology safely at home – without being dependent on any studio or teacher for your regular practice.

For longer retreats and intensives, and for more experienced yogis who are willing to go deeper, Daniel works with traditional Hatha Yoga and tantric meditations for the purpose of consciousness expansion and self realisation.

He educates and mentors teachers from different traditions and give special training programs for studios and teachers who wish incorporate the Surya and Chandra methodology in their work.

During deeper events like intensives, retreats and teacher trainings Daniel transcends the basic forms of Surya and Chandra work in the same traditional way that his Guru did. Due to the limitations of time and attention during shorter programs like weekend workshops and normal yoga classes, only fractions of the holistic system can be shared, but since Daniel always share the spiritual current that his Guru infused him with, each of his sessions are unique and highly transformative.

Daniel’s sessions are most suitable for seekers who are interested in growing beyond the limited confines of modern postural yoga and who are willing, open and mature enough to embrace its neglected spiritual aspects.