Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Daily Yoga, Meditation, Satsang and Tea Ceremonies


Daniel has spent the better half of the last decade in retreat away from the world. During this time he tried to give workshops and retreats globally with increasing difficulty; as the yoga scene changed from a spiritually oriented counter culture to a physically obsessed pop culture. In 2018 he realised that he could not continue his work without selling out so instead of quitting he opened up his retreat in Chiang Mai for visitors who are interested in yoga that incorporates more than just postures.

Daily Schedule

Every day (except Sundays) Daniel share his morning practice (08:00 to 11:00) with visitors from all over the world who seek a deeper and more profound Yoga than most modern studios offer. After the session (11:00 to 12:00) there is a simple vegetarian brunch served and after that (12:00 to 16:00) the tea garden and the teashop is open for ceremonial tea, Q&A, contemplation or socialising. 


In the morning session Daniel share all aspects of Yoga. You will encounter techniques like Asana, Vinyasa, Mudra, Bandha and Pranayama with the intent of creating the “calmly active and actively calm state of body and mind” that is crucial for meditation and understanding the deeper aspects of yogic science.

The guided meditation is a inner journey (beyond body sensations, breath and mantra) towards the internal sounds, lights and vibrations as described in ancient yogic and tantric scriptures. Your ability to follow will depend more on how deeply you have embraced the lifestyle of yoga than if you are skinny or can do a fancy handstand or not. Regardless, the sessions are always adapted to the abilities and capabilities of the participants so anyone can join and benefit. 

After meditation the session end with Satsang; where yogic philosophy and insights and experiences from the inner journey are shared and clarified. 

The aim of Daniel’s sessions is to share the genuine and potent methodology of traditional yoga and to assist you on your journey towards deeper states of consciousness beyond mind and intellect, where direct and personal experiences of the spiritual dimensions of your inner life can be had.


For thousands of years tea has been used as a sacrament by meditators. In line with this tradition Daniel sit in the tea house every day from 12:00 to 16:00. The tea house is next to the meditation hall and here there is generally time for Q&A and personal guidance.

You are of course welcome to expand and continue your meditation by learning and making Gong Fu Cha (tea ceremony) yourself in the garden, browse the tea shop or just hang out with a book or other visitors until the tea house close at 4pm.

Investment & Booking

The price for a full day of yoga, meditation, satsang and tea is 1000THB. The brunch is optional at 200THB. 

Please note that all visitors and visitations have to be booked and confirmed  in advance. Kindly send Daniel a message below with a brief outline of your experience of yoga, meditation and tea and if/where/when you have practiced with him before. Kindly also mention when and for how long you plan to visit. 

Introduction & Initiation

Regardless if you are a beginner, yoga teacher or an enlightened master, you need to take a two hour introduction/initiation before you join the morning sessions if you have not practiced with Daniel before. This is necessary in order to bring you up to speed and to clear the space between teacher and student so that the session can flow effortlessly without misunderstanding, disturbance or injury. The introduction is by appointment and cost 1500THB. You are welcome to contact Daniel below to make arrangements.

Travel Assistance

Daniel is not a travel agent, but he can help you plan your visit and point you in the right direction regarding accommodation, transportation and similar  worldly details. Keep in mind that Thailand is one of the easiest and safestst countries to travel in so there is no need to worry if you are not used to travelling in the region. We recommend that you have a look on TripAdvisor about Chiang Mai to get an idea about accommodation and costs during the time you plan to visit.


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