Yoga & Meditation


Spring 2022 (17/1 – 16/6 2022)

ALL SESSIONS include Yoga & Meditation (asana, pranayama, vinyasa, bandha, mudra and meditation.) However, if the session is described with the word “Yoga” first it indicates that it will be more focused on physical practises than meditation. Similarly, if it says ”meditation” first, the session will be deeper and more focused on meditation than physical practises. All classes focus on the control and expansion of Prana and Kundalini.

INITIATION If you did not practice with Daniel in 2021 then you need to take an initiation before you can join these sessions. The initiation is a 2 hour private session (1000kr during workdays or 1200kr on weekends.) During the initiation you will meet Daniel teacher and he meet you and you can establish the understanding needed to practice safely and beneficially on the deep level that the weekly sessions are conducted. During your initiation you get a 30% discount on any card you invest in. Book your initiation by texting Daniel directly on 0738 – 42 32 73.

Single Session             250KR
2 Hour Initiation 1000KR
1 Month Unlimited     1000KR
3 Months Unlimited   2750KR
10Times/Semester    1800KR

All fees are paid in cash at the studio, or by Swish (123 34 26 012) or Bank Giro (5645-2022.) Receipts are sent by email after payment has been received.

ALWAYS BOOK your session in advance. Space is limited and Daniel need to know who is coming so that he can prepare properly. It is preferred that you book your sessions when you are in the studio, but you can also send Daniel a text to 0738 – 42 32 73 at least 3 hours before. If you don’t get any reply it means you are booked and expected. If the class is full or cancelled you will get a reply. If you can’t come then cancel your booking, so someone else can take your place, at least 3 hours in advance. 

DETAILS All sessions are held at Tea Tong (Stora Kvarngatan 34) behind Caroli in Malmö. Please arrive 30 – 15 minutes before so we can start on time without stress. The doors are locked 5 minutes before the session begin. After the session you are welcome to hang around the studio/teahouse for 30 minutes.

TEA AFTER YOGA If you feel like being served Gong Fu Cha (tea) by Daniel after the session (maximum 5 people) then you can buy a ”Gong Fu Card” for 500kr. This include 10 tea sessions and is valid for one semester. Remember to try to maintain the atmosphere of the yogasession during tea and make an effort to keep the conversation related to yoga and meditation.

Tea Tong
Stora Kvarngatan 34
211 29 Malmö
0738 – 42 32 73