When yoga came to the West in the late 1800s its spiritual essence was minimized to make it palatable to the western audience. It was then heavily influenced by dance and gymnastics before it incarnated into the many forms of bodywork we call yoga today.

I was interested in the spiritual aspects of Yoga and was not satisfied with what I found in books or at the yoga studios in Europe. I therefore went to India, where I found a genuine tantric yogi in the Himalayas who initiated me into the exoteric and esoteric aspects of tantric Yoga. A decade has passed since then and I have continued my training in India while sharing my experiences with spiritually inclined yogis all over Europe and Asia.

The intention behind this website and my programs is to make the traditional teachings of my Guru’s ancient lineage available to modern yogis who seek a more traditional and spiritual methodology than the mere fitness and physiotherapy that is taught under the name of yoga everywhere today.

To address the needs, desires and capabilities of the general western practitioner I have divided the traditional teachings of Hatha Yoga into the methodologies of Surya and Chandra Yoga. Through these you build the foundation needed to awaken the energetic essence of traditional tantric yoga (kundalini) and evolve your practice of “modern postural yoga” towards a profound and holistic practice that truly integrates your body and mind with the all encompassing spirit that is your essence and true nature.

I hope you enjoy the website and that we will meet on a yoga mat soon. If you have any questions you are most welcome to contact me.

In Loving Service