When yoga came to the West in the late 1800s its spiritual essence was minimized to make it more palatable to the western audience. It was then influenced by dance and gymnastics before it incarnated into the many forms of bodywork we call yoga today.

In the 1990’s I was interested in the deeper meditative and spiritual aspects of Yoga. I was not satisfied with what I found in books or at the studios in Europe and so I went to India. After a great deal of struggle I where blessed to find a genuine tantric yogi in the Himalayas who took his time and initiated me into the exoteric and esoteric aspects of Tantric Yoga.

Two decades has passed since then, and I am still living the yoga way of life as shown by my Guru and I have sharing it with aspirants all over the world. 

The intention behind my weekly sessions, workshops and retreats is to make the traditional teachings of my Guru available to modern people who seek a deeper and more spiritual way of yoga than whatt is taught at gyms and studios everywhere.

To address the needs, desires and capabilities of the modern western students I have divided the teachings of into Surya Yoga and Chandra Yoga.

Through these you can build the foundation needed to awaken the energetic essence of traditional tantric hatha yoga (kundalini) and evolve your practice from “modern postural yoga” towards a profound and holistic practice that truly integrates your body and mind with the all encompassing spirit that is your essence and true nature.

As soon as the COVID situation surpass I will recommence my travels and continue to share my Guru’s methodology through workshops and retreats globally. Until then you are welcome to contact me through this website or join me at my studio in Malmö. 

In Loving Service


For more than 20 years Daniel’s life has been like a laboratory dedicated to Yoga as a spiritual science. As a teacher, he manages to merge the physically oriented methodologies of modern yoga with the spiritual insights that unfolded within him during his profound journey into traditional Himalayan Yoga experienced by few westerners.

He met many of the famous Gurus of the late 90’s in India, but none of them managed to quench his deep spiritual thirst, or appease his hunger, for self realisation and knowledge of spiritual life.

He therefore went to study the history, philosphy and psychology of Yoga at the Bernaras Hindu University (2000).  Although this satesfied his intellect, his soul was still yearning for the Divine.

He then went deep into the Himalayas and that is where he met and lived with an accomplished yogi (2001 & 2002.) Vishessananda was an accomplished master who could show him the genuine and authentic method of yoga and meditation he had been seeking. His Guru initiated him into tantric meditation and traditional Hatha Yoga before he left his body in 2003.

He then went to Puri in Orissa to become a Brahmachari (monk.) After several months of silent meditation it became clear to him and his mentor that it was better for his spiritual development to go back to his native Sweden and practice karma yoga by sharing the understanding of yoga and meditation he had uncovered.

In 2002 he therefore returned to Sweden and opened Yoga Kendra. There he inspired hundreds of students and guided several instructors for almost a decade. He got married and lived the life of a householder while continuing to visit India yearly for personal retreats. 

In 2005 he received initiation by a Siddha from Tamil Nadu and in 2008 he was trained by a great yogi from the ancient Nath Sampradaya during one of his pilgrimages in the Himalayas. 

In 2011 he left Yoga Kendra, his family and his country and went into a 7 year retreat.

In 2012 he was given the name “Sadananda” while receiving higher initiation into tantra by a revered master in Varanasi.

From 2010 to 2019 he travelled for a few months yearly to share his practice with aspirants in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Russia and all over Europe.

From 2012 – 2020 he made his retreat in Chiang Mai and here discovered tea and its usfulness for meditators. This led him to study the chinese way of tea (Gonf Fu Cha) under renowned masters in Malaysia and China and he began producing his own tea in China and started a teafactory in Thialand. 

In 2020 he returned to his native Sweden and opened up a teahouse in Malmö where he also conduct weekly sessions.



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